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Do you really wish to sell your mobile phone? Well, there are many online sites; buyers would prefer buying anything from it. You just need to see all the aspects on what it takes to sell used phones for good sum of money. Consider below mentioned steps to get a perfect idea at making profit. You can also visit website to sell used phones.

Do research

It would be a good idea to find out the value of the similar phones sold recently on major websites. As soon as you have determined how much amount you want to receive for your cell phone, be certain to pick the right format for selling your phone quickly.

Add details and keywords

The use of keywords is very helpful method to grab the attention of the buyers, particularly when employed properly in your title.  Basically, titles are used by various selling websites to provide listing at the time of search. Keep in mind that you need to add major features of your phone, for example, color, model, carrier, brand etc.

Give details of your Phone specification

Try to determine what carrier can be employed along with your cell-phone or what kind of phone matches your accessories. Try to find out the major capabilities of your cell phone like-

  • RAM
  • storage specification
  • camera specification

You can also search the model of your phone on the web and read the instruction manual for further specifications. And for mobile phone accessories, you can check the original covering for

Flaunt your Phone with Good-Resolution Picture

Pictures are the most important things to sell used phone to your potential customers. Thus, it is important to click some nice pictures of your phone from different angles and post it online for sale.

After the Sale

As soon as you got the confirmation that your customer’s payment has cleared, the next step is to pack your phone, label it and then deliver the same.

Packing of your phone

Though compact and small, a mobile phone can be injured in transportation if not packed appropriately. Safeguard the external surface of your mobile phone by covering it on several layers of bubble wrap prior to pack it. Get a strong box that can contain the phone and bubble wrap with additional space on all the sides. After that you need to cover up that additional space in the box with more bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and crumpled-up newspaper.

Printing postage

Different selling websites have their own labels to get your product out. You can simply print out the labels from your house and then just tape them to packing. Using shipping company’s label allows you to pick your carrier (FedEx, UPS, and USPS) and can also aid you to plan a pickup.

Delivery to your customer

While you decide to sell used phone online, you need to deliver your phone once you get the payment. You should also give a tracking number, if appropriate. Think about adding shipping confirmation and insurance detail, particularly for a more fragile or costly products like cell phones.


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